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Welcome to the WebRender API pages, every public function that can be used in WebRender is documented, along with pages for each major page of the WebRender library. One the left every page and it's section is listed, and navigation up and down the branches is provided at the top of each page. Each section is as follows:


This section covers how WebRender works and all the public functions available to your application. On the main page all the parts of the library are described along with ow they fit together.

Vertex Buffers

This section explains how vertex buffers work in WebRender, and how vertex data can be loaded in and used within WebRender.


This section explains how textures work in WebRender, and how texture data can be loaded in and used within WebRender. This includes a section on how texture sampling is accomplished.


This long section goes into detail on how shaders are created and setup, along with details of how they are implemented within WebRender.


This section discusses how multi-threading works in WebRender and the best implementations for using it, and it's many problems.